How To Activate Microsoft Office



For the ISO download link, you can directly open :

Type the previously purchased Activation Key in the box in the box as shown below.

When the activation process fails, it doesn't mean the Product Key is damaged, please go back and select : 

- "I want to activate the software by telephon" as shown below
- Click next and choose your country from the drop down menu.
- Click Telephone Activation
- Select Your Country

 -After that, please write the Installation ID in notepad for the next process.

- Go to " "

 fill in the installation ID recorded in the previous step in the 7-digit input box,   and then click {Submit}. Wait for a while to display the confirmation ID .

. Enter the confirmation ID obtained in the previous step, and then click {all   microsoft } to activate

Next, copy the confirmation id that appears and then paste it in the product activation dialog box.

 the product has been activated as shown below.


Please select Notify Product from theme option